Telegram Bot Guide

Our bot makes it easy to send Bitcoin to other Telegram users.

The Bot command must be sent in a reply

For the bot to work, we need access to your recipient's telegram user ID. Based on the way the Telegram API works, this means that you must call the bot in a reply to one of the recipient's messages.

Format Of Bot Messages

You can send any amount with the following syntax:

/bottle 200 sats for the brilliant article you shared

Or you can use the quick "/" launcher format from the Bot menu:


How to send on Telegram Web

For the Web client, click a message sent by your chosen recipient, and click reply:

The enter the bot message and hit send:

How to send on Telegram Mobile App

For the mobile app, you need to tap hold the message you want to reply to, so that you can choose the Reply action: 

Then you will see the message selected and you can complete the bot command:

Add the Bot to a public group:

  • Invite the @BottlePayBot bot to the group
  • Reply to a message from another user of the group mentioning the bot, followed by the number of sats (satoshis) of Bitcoin you would like to send to them, along with any message you would like to send with your payment

Add the Bot  a private group:

  • Due to Telegram API permissions, the @BottlePayBot must be an admin in a private group
  • Once invited and an admin, you can use it to send Bitcoin to other users in the group using the format shown below
  • To send payments to users who are not registered with Bottle Pay, simply invite both them and the @BottlePayBot to a private group, make the bot an admin, and you're good to go.
  • Note: in private groups, bot replies will only work for messages after the bot has been invited to the room
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