Bonus sats not received

Why does this happen?

Based on the sign up path some users take, they may be flagged by our spam prevention rules. If the recipient clicks the Intro button, or visits the Achievements section in the web app, they should have a note confirming this if it is the case.

Unfortunately some bad actors can write automated bots to simulate the sign up process with the aim of draining the rewards across several accounts. We have to implement these spam check rules to protect our platform and to keep the rewards feature alive for legitimate new users. 

But I'm human, how can I get my rewards activated?

Don't worry, our team are on hand to manually validate your sign up path, and unlock the welcome sats and any achievement rewards you may have already qualified for.

The quickest way to notify us about this issue, and get it resolved, is by joining our Telegram group at and contacting an admin. 

What we need

When you contact us, you will need to give us your Wallet ID in order for us to unblock your welcome bonus and achievements sats.
This can be found in your Bitcoin Wallet options menu:

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