How do I set up a Payment Page?

Have you ever seen those cool, short URLs people create and paste on their social profiles? Here's how to make them for your Bottle Pay accounts.

Payment Pages allow visitors to quickly send you payments, so it is well worth setting one up for each of the social accounts you have connected to Bottle Pay. 

Please note: you will need a different Payment Page (with its own URL) for each social account you have connected to your Bottle account.

Setting up a Payment Page:

  • Select the 'My Payment Page' option from the wallet menu

  • On the following page, select any of your connected accounts (in this example we have chosen Twitter) from the 'Account' dropdown

  • Hit 'Copy URL' at the bottom of the module

  • Paste this link into your profile on the social platform you selected and start receiving payments!

Using the Payment Page

For all social networks, you will have a short URL that is linked to your username, for example:

  • The payment page will show a lightning invoice by default
  • If you are already authenticated with Bottle, you will be able to pay direct with your Bottle wallet balance
  • You can choose to attach one of your social profiles to the transaction to let the recipient know who sent it (default is anonymous)

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