I have created multiple Bottle Pay accounts by accident

It's possible to create multiple, separate Bottle Pay accounts. This is usually done erroneously, because some apps force you to use their own sandboxed Web view when you click links, rather than open those URLs in your usual Web browser of choice. 

As you don't have an active session in the app's Web view, we have no link to your existing account and therefore you create a fresh Bottle Pay account when you log in for the first time with a new social account. 

I want to consolidate all my social accounts

It's much better to have all your social accounts under one roof so that you can manage everything from the same, unified Bottle Pay wallet. 

Thankfully theres a simple way to unlink wallets from one Bottle Pay account, and migrate them to another. 

Steps to follow

1. Remove the social wallet(s) from the Bottle Pay account you want to retire:

  • Choose the connected account that you wish to remove by selecting the Unlink Wallet from its options menu. 

2. Repeat this for all accounts.

3. Logout, and log into your other Bottle Pay account using one of the social platforms connected to it.

4. Use the Add Account dialogue to add the accounts you removed in steps 1 and 2:

5. Bask in the glory of your awesome unified Bottle Pay account complete with all your social profiles.

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