How do I delete my account

In order to delete your account, you must transfer your balance of sats out to an external Lightning wallet, such as Breez or Wallet of Satoshi, then unlink all social accounts currently connected to Bottle Pay.

If you go with Breez, there is an explainer video guiding you through how to use it here.

The sequence we suggest for deleting your account is:

  • Create an invoice for the total number of sats you have in Bottle Pay from one of the above external wallets. Here we are creating an invoice for a total of 10,000 sats from Wallet of Satoshi:

  • Tap the QR code to copy the payment request code.
  • Make the transfer from Bottle Pay, by selecting Send from the Bottle Pay Bitcoin wallet menu, paste your payment request code and hit Validate:

  • The payment will now show on your list of Latest transactions under Spent.
  • Unlink all of your connected social accounts:

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