Withdrawing funds from Bottle Pay

Because the wallets we provide on Bottle Pay are Lightning specific, your sats can only be withdrawn from them into other Lightning wallets. This means 'on-chain' Bitcoin transactions, such as those made to an exchange or hardware wallet, cannot be sent directly from Bottle Pay.

For simplicity, this guide will focus on the easiest withdrawal option, which is sending your sats to another wallet which allows you to receive, hold, and spend Bitcoin on-chain and via the Lightning Network.

In this way, both users who wish their sats to remain on Lightning, and those who wish to convert back to on-chain (and eventually fiat) will have their needs met.

The most popular options for this function are Breez, Wallet of Satoshi and Blue Wallet.

  1. For a video explanation on how to use Breez, please click here.
  2. For an explanation, with screenshots, on how to withdraw funds to Wallet of Satoshi, please see below:
  • Select Receive from the home screen of the Wallet of Satoshi app:

  • Ensure the Receive selector is set to Lightning, then tap the QR code to copy the Lightning Payment Request:

  • Select Send from your Bottle Pay wallet menu:

  • Paste the Lightning Payment Request you copied from Wallet of Satoshi and hit Validate:

  • Enter the amount in sats, or fiat equivalent, you wish to withdraw and click Submit:

  • You will receive confirmation of the amount sent and the payment will now appear as Spent in the Latest transactions section of your dash, where you can check the status of the payment (either Complete, Pending or Failed) and find further information on the hash and pre-image of the payment should you need it.

Need more help withdrawing? Join us on Telegram or email us on support@bottle.li.

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